Selling Up Due To An Offer We Can’t Refuse!

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Well it’s been an emotional journey, but after 10 years of running a website and doing affiliate marketing we’re finally grabbing the parachutes and bailing out. It’s not every day you get an offer you can’t refuse and this afternoon that offer finally arrived. Hooray!!

Hello, I am interested in purchasing your website and if you want to sell it, please give me your phone number, so I can call you! I have cash to buy today! If you are interested, please reply to as soon as possible. Thank you in advance

What do you mean it’s not genuine? It looks so professional!! LOL!

Still it beats an approach we had last year that cited Gordon Brown as a good reason for us selling up. I’m sure there was must be sound business reasoning behind what they suggested though!

Guess we’ll be holding on to the mighty duck for another day then – and that’s no bad thing! ;o)

  • Dio

    I’ll double what ever he has to offer. I might even go up to three digits!