Coping With Multiple Twitter Accounts – Tools for Multi Tweets & Twittering!

Earlier this month my original twitter address became the official twitter address for Loquax whilst my own personal twitter became One Little Duck. This meant that I could keep affiliate stuff, blog posts and the occasional twits of football despair away from the official business and news feed of the brand name. A sensible idea in many ways, but a bit of a pain when it comes to multiple personality tweeting, not to mention having to start getting a decent follower base from scratch!

The basic way to deal with multiple accounts is simple login/logout and switch user ids. This has some major drawbacks! A bit of banter tweet under the official account may not go down so well with some people – so it’s important to check that you’re on the right account before hitting send.

Fortunately some clever people have come up with some tools to help you deal with multiple twittering accounts.

Initially, thanks to Graham Keen I tried Matt – Multiple Account Twitter Tweeter. It’s a good looking site and easy to use, although by the time I remembered that I could use the tool, it was actually easier to logout of Twitter and log back in. I also found that your tweets are delayed before being twitted. Another drawback was Matt doesn’t show you the current twitter output so it’s not that useful.

Step forward Keith Bond who I saw had mentioned Splitweet. A broswer based multi account manager – and initial signs are pretty good. Not only can you twit for multiple accounts you’re also able to see tweets you follow for all accounts (or selected ones), any brand mentions you want to check (e.g. comments about your site) and any direct tweets too. It’s a well thought out service!

And just when you think it can’t get any better – Splitweet will automatically update with any new tweets and alert you too. The only thing really missing is a search twitter option!

Multiple Twitter accounts are actually easier to manage on the iPhone. With Twitterlator (paid version) I’m able to switch accounts and see new tweets and updates at the touch of a button. On the recommendation of my business partner, Kirsty, I may take a look at Tweetie.

However, all these wonderful tools don’t solve the biggest problem I’m having with multiple accounts. The instinct is still always to head straight to Twitter – let’s just hope I can remember which account to use.

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  • You might want to check out TwitterFox for the FireFox (a browser that everyone should be using ;- ). You add all your usernames/passwords to the app and then select each account via a dropdown. I also use the Twitterlator, which for the small fee is a great app.

    The only downside to both of these is that we can’t have all our accounts displayed in one feed – this would be a very cool feature.

    I guess it could be easy to forget to change accounts when sending tweets, but for me it would be a small price to pay.

  • I’m also finding quite good for posting Tweets and you can also add an manage RSS feeds for multiple accounts.

    Again though it doesn’t automatically show you tweets from all your accounts.

    I’m sure it won’t be long before one app does the lot!