The Trackpot – Creating Content With Google Charts

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Those of you who affiliate within the bingo and gaming sector may find that it’s often limited in terms of content, updates, news etc. In fact if you look a large range of bingo directories they’re all pretty much the same – bingo calls, bingo blog, latest news etc etc. That’s ok, but at Loquax we wanted to find something different, a new angle – and therefore we came up with The Trackpot.

Simply by taking jackpot data over a given period of time and utilising Google Charts, we’re now able to show the progress of jackpots over a period of time. In short we’re tracking the jackpots i.e. Trackpot!

A crackpot idea or a jackpot idea?

The Trackpot allow us to look at the progress of the current jackpots, noting trends, anomalies and other interesting facts. These can then be used either on the websites we run and/or newsletters. Essentially we’re now using some stats and data to generate content in a unique way.

By using the stats and graphical image we can suggest that perhaps one game is better to play than another at a given time. Of course, bingo is a game of chance and predicting a win is perhaps impossible, but The Trackpot provides a player with information they perhaps never had before.

Unique content, something different, innovation = all good things for your website!

Of course, there’s always a concern that The Trackpot will become part and parcel of every bingo site here on in, but at time of writing we’re pretty sure no other bingo site has ever done this before, which is kind of cool. We’ve also applied it to other jackpot related games, like slots, too.

For this to develop though, we really need more data from bingo and gaming sites, and it’s quite shocking how difficult many find it to be able to rapidly provide this data (SQL call to database, get jackpot amount, write to xml feed). The lesson here is if merchants provide the tools and information, affiliates can often find new ways to utilise it to promote you!

The Trackpot hopefully demonstrates that point – that and that there’s still a few crackpot ideas from the old school ;o)

  • purple

    great innovation I admit what puts me off joining some sectors is all sites look same, even news is same as all look at same sources. This shows the “added value” content affiliates can add to the mix

  • Excellent idea Jason!

    Data for affiliates was one of the fist things I tried to tackle when I took over the affiliate programme at Crown Bingo. As a merchant you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to get this off certain software providers. However I’m pleased to announce that we should have a full XML feed by middle of next month so you can get a Crown Bingo Trackpot going 🙂

  • I totally agree that the lacklustre technical capabilities of some gaming programmes astound me, its a simple XML feed we need yet its near impoosible to acquire in many circumstances.

    The idea is not new though see – still a good idea 🙂

  • jdmobile

    Ah well, not new then… not to worry!

    Just a side note is that was registered on 27th February by the owner of…

    Hmmmm – wonder where they got that idea?

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