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The voucher code affiliate story trundles on and a new chapter is underway. The old style devious, dodgy and underhand techniques of iframes and cookie stuffing have gone and now (just in time for the Christmas rush) every man and his dog can become a the owner of a voucher code site – “just like that” (say in the style of Tommy Cooper to add a bit of fun).

The reason for this is that various code and sites have materialised.

Leeky (of Pagerank10 fame) has launched iCodes. Dubbed the “discount codes network” it’s a “hosted website with access to all the voucher codes and merchants which can be activated at a click of a button” (Affiliates4U). You can have a subdomain version of the site for £49 a year or it’s £199 a year to use your own site name.

Affiliate Future have also launched a new tool for affiliates. The AF Voucher Framework is “a complete website, with all the standard features of a voucher site”. The idea is that affiliates use the framework and as time goes by adapt and improve the service and share code with others.

Another option is My Voucher Code Site. It’s described as “an online voucher/discount website solution” and “a turnkey product which requires no web development experience”. It costs £149 although the price jumps about more times than Gary Glitter looking for a non-UK airport (Affiliates4u).

One thing that is noticeable is that the two paid versions, created by affiliates, take up the “click to reveal & visit merchant” rather than “show code without clicking” option, which is offered by the affiliate network. That aside all offer a slightly easier way for you to set up your very own code site rather than take the develop your own CMS option.

So all great stuff if you’re looking become a voucher code affiliate in an instant!

However, it’s worth mentioning that in some cases you’re going to have to pay a few quid, which isn’t too expensive, and in all cases you’re going to have to spend time doing some serious personalisation to your “instant” site.

Apparently Google doesn’t like too much duplicity and so sites that are for example powered by icodes perhaps need to make sure they don’t fall foul of too many “same content” issues! Of course, that’s not a big issue if you’re using your code site to drive traffic from an existing service rather than putting together a standalone brand.

However, duplicity may well be the least of your problems as a new discount code siteowner!

Kieron is a little bit upset with Pixmania! They have voucher codes that affiliates can use, but not if you are using them on a voucher code site directory. If you have content then you’re ok, but then that begs the question what happens if you have voucher codes within a content site?

It’s all very confusing although the easiest solution is don’t promote Pixmania!

The thing is as more and more affiliates start to promote voucher codes then more merchants are going to start assessing whether they’re adding value or not and how they work. I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more Pixmania style decisions landing in the affiliate mailbox!

  • I’ve just purchased the ‘My Voucher Code Site’ solution and look forward to having a play on a good domain name. I have no intention of closing my existing site and I’m just interested to see how they’ll compare, both in uploading content efficiency and attracting visitors to conversions.
    I’ll be in stats heaven and if it makes money too, then bonus 🙂

  • A voucher site is basically an offers site and they have been around for a very long time, it seems however that as I predicted in late 90’s (but didn’t bother doing anything about other than buying some sweet voucher/coupon/offer based domains) that customers looking for voucher codes are after dedicated sites without the clutter of content or review getting in the way. I guess it’s now time for every merchant to either decided do they want to offer a discount or do they not, if they do then they need to embrace voucher sites along with all other affiliates.

    Personally I think there is plenty of room still left for people wanting to get involved, indeed if you take a look at my network of sites, just like Loquax we are ideally placed to capitalise in the market over the coming years, I suspect we will see either a Loquax or UK Internet Sites (or both) being at the very top of the market in the next 2 years.

  • Rich

    I don’t know if I know of anything which seems to cause heated discussion more than bl***y voucher code sites at the moment. I don’t even have one of these sites but even i can see that the three you talk about are slightly different and can each take their spot in the market.

    I do worry though that there will be far too many of these sites (I think there already is and that is before “free” versions come along to make it even easier to setup), and that probably 90% of them offer nothing special over the more established sites.

    Until someone takes it to the next level with a new angle, we’re just going to see a lot more rubbish code sites. I’ll be staying well away for the moment, I’ve not got enough time to worry about updating codes, competing with a gazillion other sites with effectively the same content before worrying about which codes I can and cannot use on a “voucher” website.

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  • Just what the world needs – even more voucher codes sites.

    There really is way too many of them at the moment and unless something really new and innovative comes along, it’s going to be difficult to make a decent living out of it in my opinion.