Splashing Duck

After over six years of blogging about affiliate marketing it's time for this duck to swim on to new ponds. Affiliate marketing has changed dramatically in those years and during 2011 it's become harder to maintain interest in the subject and therefore keep OLD up to date. The archive of OLD Blogs are still available, but more for my own sense of closure, that's that for One Little Duck as an affiliate blog.

Most of my blogging is now done on Loquax's Blog - another reason why OLD has suffered over the last year. The Loquax Blog covers competitions and promotions commentary for compers and siteowners.

I'm also more than happy to write guest blogs or offer opinions on affiliate marketing, competitions, promotions, online - anything. Just get in touch!

You can find me as OneLittleDuck on Twitter and Facebook.

Or in another guise as Loquax also on Twitter and Facebook!

July 2012: I've launched a new blog - but it's not about affiliate marketing - find out more over on Croeso Photography.

Thank you to everyone who read and commented over the years!