One Little Duck 2.0

After a blogging hiatus, One Little Duck returns with a new look. Since 2012 a lot has happened including a monumental change to Loquax at the start of 2013. Jason is a co-director of Loquax Ltd and has over 16 years of experience in the online space, competitions and promotions. He’s been an on/off affiliate blogger in that time and was A4U’s last Blogger of the Year back in 2011. Now more entrenched in the gaming scene and despite being over 40, he’s regarded as one of “Affiliate Marketing’s Top Young Men” – at least by one person.

Latest Blog Posts

Interview With Mark Bowness Of Big British Giveaway

At Loquax we get to see a lot of different new sites and new competition ideas. One that caught our eye recently was Big British Giveaway – a forthcoming daily prize site that allows brands/retailers/sites/individuals to get themselves in front of a captive...

Learning From Affiliate Christmas Past

Way back in the day we launched a festive shopping site called Xmastime. It still ranks, it still gets some traffic and over the years it’s had various refits. This year we’ve not touched it – no time and no inclination are perhaps the best reasons....

Football Manager 1 SEO Learning 0

Ok, it’s a been a while since I blogged on here but I do have a very good excuse. It’s Kelvin Newman’s fault! Kelvin did a talk on Football Manager/Championship manager at Think Visibility titled “What I Learnt About Search Playing Championship...

Should You Be Running A Facebook Competition?

Ask any social media person how you should go about getting more likes and followers on Facebook and it’s more than likely competitions will be mentioned. There’s no doubt that the lure of giving something away will attract plenty of followers, lots of...

The Pick ‘n’ Mix Of ThinkVisibility 6

Despite being told several times by affiliate mates to “get to ThinkVis” oop North in Leeds, it’s taken to the sixth event to finally go and find out what it’s all about. Myself and Jude (@dragonbirdy) decided to let the train take the strain...

Toys R Us Make Changes To Their Voucher Code Policy

Voucher codes are back in the spotlight this week with the news that has been acquired by Whaleshark Media for a tidy $40million. Congratulations go to Duncan Jennings and his team. The work these guys have done in this sector is phenomenal and no...

Gaming Merchants, Affiliates & Pesky Landing Pages!

A lot of merchants in the game sector (poker, casino and bingo) love their landing pages. They also love foisting their landing pages on their affiliates. They also love to telling their affiliates how great these landing pages are. Yet, I can’t stand them! Many...

So What Do I Do?



Where It Began

Established in 1998 as a Competition Portal, Loquax grew to be the number one resource in it’s field. However after 15 years at the top the site’s focus has switched to online gaming, bingo and slots. A comping community still remains on site.
Clucky Bingo

Clucky Bingo

New Kid On The Block

In June 2013, the Loquax team expanded their aviary by adding a chicken themed bingo brand to their collection. Clucky Bingo features a team a chickens and plays on being prey to Foxes! This was our biggest investment in 16 years of running the company.


One of the beauties of working less hours is more time for other interests. is the home of Jason’s photography portfolio. Images are mainly around South Wales and include landscapes, sports and even a giant jellyfish!